Date: Wednesday 9 March 2016,
Doors 7:30pm


Guests: Mesa Cosa + Midnight Woolfe

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Midnight Woolfe 8.30pm
Mesa Cosa 9.30pm
The Mummies 10.30pm til 11.30pm

Kings of budget rock The Mummies are heading to Australia to tear things up in March. The legendary lo-fi group formed in the late 80s and quickly carved out a name for themselves as key players the San Fran garage scene with their bone rattling tunes, tattered aesthetics, and audience insulting antics. Despite splitting in the mid-90s, the fearsome foursome have resurrected themselves for shows over the years, and the upcoming performances on Australian soil will be the first of their kind. Formed in San Bruno California, they achieved almost cult like stature as the Kings Of Budget Rock. Using department store instruments and amplifiers from the early 60s, and travelling in a customised Pontiac ambulance from the same time, playing their own brand of electrifying garage rock. THE MUMMIES are especially known for their matching, tattered mummy costumes they wear on stage and the impertinent and insulting attitude that they bring with them. They created and promoted the concept of 'Budget Rock' which rejected professionalism and star status in favour of a simplified do-it-yourself aesthetic. As part of this concept they perform and recorded only on outdated and often damaged equipment. As part of their lo-fi manifesto, they released their music on vinyl for many years. One of their albums was called FCK CDs. They were later bootlegged on CD with an album called FCK THE MUMMIES. Breaking up in 1994 they reformed in the new millennium. FOR those of you new to THE MUMMIES - think of bands from the Pacific NW of the USA like The Sonics, The Wailers (NOT the reggae group), Crypt Records Back From The Grave compilations ,with reverbed surf guitar played by lunatics who at the age they are now (5000+ years old) should really know better. This is WYLD garage rock and roll. Not for the faint hearted.

Sorry, there are no tickets available for sale yet.